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Since 40 years a clear philosophy:
“Being a unique brand structured in different units of product, all of them leader in Europe”
 Girasole Industries srl discovers, develops and realizes innovative solutions.


Exhibitions Panels

Honeycomb panels for Exhibitions available both in unrefined MDF finishing touch and in white, both sides laminate. We have available a stock ready to send more than 12.500 panels in different sizes. All these panels can be made also in a fire-resistant version.

Internal Doors

Door panels available in different finishing touch and sizes. The doors can be finished with jamb 29/12 or 44 upon request of the customers. We are able to produce any kind of product which is requested from the customer.

Semifinished Products

We produce also semifinished products for the furniture industry (bedrooms, living-rooms, kitchens, bathrooms). In addition, we are able to satisfy every kind of need, included the contract design and the naval sector.

From idea to project

It is not enough to have a good idea to solve a problem but really important is, after the idea, the realization. It is for this reason that we think that all our products need not only to operate well but also to be trustworthy and long-lasting.

Over 40 years of experience in the supplying of semifinished products for design, outfitting, contract design and naval sector, allow Girasole Industries srl to satisfy every kind of need upon request of the customers.
Our in-depth knowledge of the materials and the productive know-how allow us to convert any idea in a finished product with high qualitative standards.

Girasole Industries srl produces honeycomb panels for exhibitions over 40 years