The honeycomb panel is a multifunctional product which is used in the design sector and in all the other inside designs. The final product is qualified by the constructive technology used by Girasole Industries srl. In the next page are shown how the panels can be used.


One of the sectors in which the honeycomb panel can be used is the design furniture one given that the Girasole Industries srl’s technology is applicable as wardrobe shutters, shells’ elements, shelves, inside doors and dividers for stands.


The Girasole Industries srl’s products can be found also in the kitchen sector: the shells are made with chipboard panels covered by superflex or veneered papers. All the semifinished products are then squared, drilled, hemmed and packed. On the other side, the shutters can be produced in a chipboard support and also in a honeycomb panel covered with suoerflex or veneered papers.


The wide range of polymeric shutters is supported also by a constant research of the process, the materials and the structures in order to satisfy the needs of the customers.

RAW MATERIALS USED BY Girasole Industries srl

Superflex papers, pvc, opaque wood decoration, shiny pvc in unrefined honeycomb (Thickness from 3 to 30mm), support in unrefined mdf (Thickness from 3 to 30mm), covers in mdf (thickness from 3 to 4mm), general hardware (hinges, leveling foots, handles).